The Winery

Hopland, California

“Located in Hopland, California in Mendocino’s Sanel Valley, our winery is more than one hundred years old. Situated directly at the foot of the mighty Duncan Peak—whose refreshingly cool air assists the ripening of our organic grapes—our 64 acre estate is planted to 35 acres of vineyards which are interspersed with cover crops to promote and sustain ecological balance. Local workers spread compost and organic fertilizers, while also tending to the flora and fauna in the surrounding area. Our grapes are all hand-harvested at just the right moment, picked not just by our dedicated vineyard workers, but by all company employees—including the owners.”

Our Cellar

In the cellar, we employ state-of-the-art techniques to balance our wines just as one would tune an instrument, until we achieve perfect purity—adding only the smallest dose of sulfites permitted by the Organic Farming Ordinance to allow for the storage and stable transport of our wines, while also ensuring longevity in the bottle. For young wines not destined for lengthy aging, we use our Purovino® Method, which adds activated oxygen and ozone to the grapes before crushing; this treatment has an antiseptic effect which both replaces sulfite activity and promotes the growth and proportion of antioxidants in the fruit. Following vinification, some wines are transferred to French oak barrels, while others are made available for immediate purchase. Since 2005, our vineyard has been certified by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), one of the first and strictest organic certification bodies in the United States. Our new wine cellar and production facility has been both CCOF and Purovino® certified since 2018.

Organic Farming

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Our style

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